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Steering tires/wheels won't roll after reverseDriving enabled

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Created18.08.2015 17:12

Dave Kalveram (alfalfa6945) 18.08.2015 17:13
Hi all!
Having a slight issue with a swather mod and it's left me at a standstill (both figuratively and literally...)
What I'm trying to do is rotate the rear caster wheels 180 degrees for reverse driving. The Giants reverseDriving.lua is working great to accomplish the change in direction for the controls as well as the animation effect (ie, turning the cab and caster wheels 180 degrees).

But once the rear caster wheels (the rear wheels are the steering wheels) rotate 180 on their axis, they lock up, the tires/wheels won't move (steering them works fine, left/right).
Here are some specifics from my setup:
3 components, rear wheels are (left and right) driveNode="1>0|0" and repr="1>0" driveNode="2>0|0" repr="2>0"

In the components section (after the 3 components are listed), I have two joints specified as follows:
<joint component1="0" component2="1" index="0>2|11|0|4" rotLimit="0 0 0" />
<joint component1="0" component2="2" index="0>2|11|0|3" rotLimit="0 0 0" />

I also have these listed as movingTools:
<movingTool index="0>2|11|0|4" componentJointIndex="0" anchorActor="0" />
<movingTool index="0>2|11|0|3" componentJointIndex="1" anchorActor="0" />

And of course, the animation that sets the stage:
<animation name="reverseDirection">
<part node="0>2|5" startTime="0" endTime="3" startRot="0 0 0" endRot="0 180 0" visibility="true" />
<part node="0>2|11|0|4" startTime="0" endTime="3" startRot="0 0 0" endRot="0 180 0" visibility="true" />
<part node="0>2|11|0|3" startTime="0" endTime="3" startRot="0 0 0" endRot="0 180 0" visibility="true" />

For whatever reason, this issue with the locked (steering) wheels has me baffled. The front (non-steering wheels) will turn no matter what driving direction, but they are listed in the main component. I'm not certain that I may have the wheels buried too far in (at 1>0|0) and somehow they get buried one further by the reverseDriving and this is causing the issue?

At any rate, it's likely a simple fix, I just can't wrap my mind around it :)

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 19.08.2015 07:54

not sure if it helps, but did you set up "ackermann steering" and "differentials"?

The real issue might be that the wheels try to turn/move into the opposite direction than the front wheels after you turned them around 180°.
So, try to set up differentials which only make the front wheels move.
Note: if a wheel is not used by the differential entries no force will be applied to it.

Good luck and cheers,

Dave Kalveram (alfalfa6945) 19.08.2015 16:29
Emil, you're a genius! I had the ackermann steering set up for it, but when you mentioned the differentials, I hadn't even looked at it. Sure enough, all wheels are getting power, so when the casters turn 180 degrees, they were in fact not locked up as I had thought, they were driving against the "front" wheels, thereby looking like the brakes were locked on the caster wheels.

Many thanks Emil for pointing me in the right direction!!

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