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Can anyone explain AI turnForwardAngleThreshold

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Created23.08.2015 02:02

Ron Wojciechowski (ronzzz8554) 23.08.2015 02:04
I have been playing around with the Forward and Backward Angle Threshold, and have been looking for an explanation or tutorial of what the different numbers mean. Any help would be appreciated.


To explain more, I upgraded to a larger head on harvester (Draper 45) and turning around misses a big chunk of crop. The angle worked properly for the smaller head, but the angle of turn is completely different with the larger head.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 24.08.2015 07:55

if you think about how the ai turns ...

You can define at which angles the helper moves into the next 'stage of turning'.

Just test how different angle thresholds affect the way the ai turns.
Only adjust one threshold at a time to see the difference more clcearly.
(Maybe adjust the threshold in larger steps first and in smaller steps afterwards. That might also give a better insight into it)


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