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defaultVehicles.xml & sampleModMap vars/func change.

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Created10.09.2015 21:40

Karma Muscle (Unknown) 10.09.2015 21:56
Hi, just started editing my very first map. And I've chosen Westbridge Hills as my first attempt.
I do have some questions.

In regards to defaultVehicles.xml,
How does positioning work?
In the .xml file each vehicle has attributes xPosition="191" yOffset="0.5" zPosition="57"

I have assumed that zPosition and xPosition is what that they sound like in a x,y,z system.
But the yOffset confuses me, it's the same value for every vehicle. And the name suggests it's an offset, but from what?

I tried making a new save and buy the vehicles I want to start with, position them. Then I opened the vehicles.xml from the savegame folder tp get the positions, but they have completely different format; position="x z y".

Another question,
as per the tutorial I copied the files from the ModMapSDK folder to the folder I created for my mod, kmWestbridgeHills.
I exported the default Westbridge Hills map in the Editor to \map\ in the same folder. Naming the file kmWestBridgeHills.i3d.

Should all the sampleModMap files be renamed to kmWestbridgeHills?
Same question with regards to variables and functions inside sampleModMap.lua?
They are all called sampleModMap-something-something.


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 11.09.2015 19:01

just take the x and z position from a normal saveegame and use them in your defaultVehicles.xml - I think that should work.

If you do not wnat to edit the sampleModMap.lua please name your map "map01.i3d".
No, you don't need the rename any other file, except you adjust the script.


Karma Muscle (Unknown) 11.09.2015 19:39
Alright, I'll try that.
Thank you for the reply Emil. :)

Master Saygo (Unknown) 12.09.2015 01:12
karma, would like to add to what Emil said. If you change the map in such a way that the original map vehicles cannot go there. Then the easiest way to position vehicles in the defaultVehicle. xml. Is to take an object in the map and place it where you want a vehicle to be. Then on the right attributes window write down the x and z numbers and the y rotate number. Also make sure the object is facing direction you want vehicle facing, that's the y rotation #. Once you have all the #s for the vehicles. Then open your defaultvehical xml and replace the x, z, and yRotation #s from each vehicle with the ones you wrote down. You could also do this with editor and xml open at same time, then you only need to copy\paste from editor to xml. If image instructions works better for you, will gladly put them together and upload to my cloud server, and send you the link. I actually import the default game pickup and use it to set position of each vehicle. When done I just delete the pickup and save. This is a more precise way. But any object will work. Hope this helps add a little more clarity for you. Let me know if you need images.
PS: just reread your post. the y offset is distance off ground. You should not have to change this. As the game will use this value to set vehicle off surface no mater what the ground elevation is. You only need the x, z, and yRotation #s for location of vehicle.

Karma Muscle (Unknown) 13.09.2015 11:56
Thank you for the tips Master Saygo. :)

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