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how do you edit fruit/manure mass per liter

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Created11.09.2015 15:53

Matthew Hogan (jeeplj8) 11.09.2015 15:55
I want to edit the mass values for in game fruits (wheat, barley, etc) and manure. Note this is will not for Multi=player use. I have found values for multifruit mods, but not the original in game fruits.


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 11.09.2015 19:14

there is already a mod with which you can adjust the massPerLiter value.

Search for:
fill type mass adjustment

and you should find it ;)


Master Saygo (Unknown) 13.09.2015 23:33
I believe the mod is "zzzErtrag" It has all the fruit types listed and you can add to list if needed.
You have to edit the lua file.
Here's an example from that file:
----desc.literPerSqm = 1; ---diese Zahl ändern für den Ertrag--------------
------desc.seedUsagePerSqm = 0.02;--diese Zahl ändern für die aussaatmenge der sähmaschiene.---------------------
local desc = FruitUtil.fruitTypes["barley"];
if desc ~= nil then
desc.literPerSqm = 3;
desc.seedUsagePerSqm = 0.04;
local desc = FruitUtil.fruitTypes["wheat"];
if desc ~= nil then
desc.literPerSqm = 3;
desc.seedUsagePerSqm = 0.04;

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