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Created13.09.2015 12:46

Bjørn Magne Olsby (Olsbyn) 13.09.2015 12:55
Ok, going to try this in here after not getting an answer to my actual question on the farming simulator forum.

This is what I want to do: I want to bypass or change how the game makes mirrors turn black when a certain amount of map details is loaded in to them, I have a computer that I`m pretty sure handles more details in the mirrors than the parameters set up by Giants, so, can I change this, if I can, how ?
I am aware changing the game itself ruins multiplayer, but that`s not a problem, I only play solo.

Also, just to have it said and hope there`s no misunderstandings: I have my hardware profile set to "very high" with no problems, the mirrors are turned ON and are functioning (also, they turn black, not grey, means they are turned on), just not when the mirrors get a certain amount of details loaded into them.

Master Saygo (Unknown) 13.09.2015 23:28
Bjørn Magne Olsby (Olsbyn)
If I'm not mistaken. The parameters for amount of visible objects seen on mirrors is hard coded into the game engine I3d files. But not sure which one. You would have to open that i3d file with a text editor and find and change parameters from there. Giants is not big on sharing their code or where it's hidden. I also have a very high end computer for work reasons. And have all settings set at forced high. Then adjusted within the games ini file. Can handle more detail, but the game engine just won,t give it. Start your search for these parameters in the games 2 default maps. Would search myself, but think it will be more work than reward. Hope you are successful.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 14.09.2015 08:45

sorry to say, but you can't adjust how many mirrors are visible in the game at the same time.
This value is hard coded in the engine itself.


Bjørn Magne Olsby (Olsbyn) 14.09.2015 18:07
Thank you Emil, at least now I know I can`t do anything about it :)
I want to suggest you at Giants could give us a chance to have them visible at all times though, either as an extra setting, or even better, as an official mod, if it was a mod you wouldn`t have to compromise with your game engine settings considering people expect the game to run smooth with their automatic hardware profile.
Think about it anyway, and thanks again :)

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