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Problem with invisible mesh

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Created16.09.2015 03:52

Alain Lambert (Vespel) 16.09.2015 03:58
Hello dear GDN,
i building my very first mod using Blender,after more than 40 hours i have finished the model,but i have some problem with invisible parts,only the one who just have a plane like the fender,i have try multiple method but unfortunetaly without success,i have read your book "FS15 modding for dummies" but with no help.
On some forum peoples said duplicate the face and flip it but i don't think is a good idea to do it.Is there a way to do it properly?
Thank you for any help provided,and sorry for my bad english.
Best regards Alain

Giuseppe Antista (peppe78) 16.09.2015 08:05
Hello. you should check the material of the parts invisible quado I have this problem use the Maya and poligon use reverse to turn the mesh . try to turn the mesch ie swap faces from the inside out .

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 16.09.2015 08:29

if it is really the problem that the mesh is only visible from one side then you have no other option but duplicating the mesh and inversing its normals.

It is very common to render a mesh only from one side because this will reduce the load (normally).


Alain Lambert (Vespel) 16.09.2015 21:57
Thank you for you answers,
welll i was hoping for an other solution but if i have only this option i will do that .Thanks again for the fast reply.
Best regards Alain

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