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Created17.09.2015 01:20

Torlasco (diego_gg111) 17.09.2015 01:22

In the vehicle type sowingMachine_animated is available this attribute: "invertDirectionOnRotation"?
It's for a wheel with speedRotatingPart (it works when the sowing machine is unfolded)

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 17.09.2015 08:16

what is the actual problem, if I might ask?


Torlasco (diego_gg111) 18.09.2015 05:52
Hi, yes

The mod is this one

When the seeder is unfolded, there are 3 wheels in the end of each arm that make contact with the ground.
Those 6 wheels (for each one of them) have this configuration in the xml file, in the wheels section:
<wheel restLoad="0" repr="3>6|2" radius="0.37" initialCompression="20" suspTravel="0.05" spring="50" damper="20" mass="0.15" width="0.26" hasTyreTracks="false" />

and this in the <speedRotatingParts> section (for each one of them):

<speedRotatingPart index="3>6|2" radius="0.37" foldMinLimit="0.5" foldMaxLimit="1" invertDirectionOnRotation="true"/>
<speedRotatingPart index="3>6|3" radius="0.37" foldMinLimit="0.5" foldMaxLimit="1" invertDirectionOnRotation="true"/>
<speedRotatingPart index="3>6|4" radius="0.37" foldMinLimit="0.5" foldMaxLimit="1" invertDirectionOnRotation="true"/>
<speedRotatingPart index="4>6|2" radius="0.37" foldMinLimit="0.5" foldMaxLimit="1" />
<speedRotatingPart index="4>6|3" radius="0.37" foldMinLimit="0.5" foldMaxLimit="1" />
<speedRotatingPart index="4>6|4" radius="0.37" foldMinLimit="0.5" foldMaxLimit="1" />

The problem is that the three left wheels rotates backward rather than forward

The creator used this in the <speedRotatingParts> section for those 3 wheels (one line for each one of them):

<speedRotatingPart index="3>6|2" radius="0.37" foldMinLimit="0.5" foldMaxLimit="1" invertDirectionOnRotation="true"/>

But seems that this attribute "invertDirectionOnRotation" doesn't work because using "false" or adding or deleting it doesn't do anything.

I look through the FS15 script documentation and I only found it in the Plow script. But this is a "sowingMachine_animated"

BTW it doesn't have any custom script, and the specializations in the moddesc are:

<specialization name="attachable" />
<specialization name="washable" />
<specialization name="sowingMachine" />
<specialization name="powerConsumer" />
<specialization name="animatedVehicle" />
<specialization name="workArea"/>
<specialization name="workParticles" />
<specialization name="mountable" />
<specialization name="foldable" />
<specialization name="cylindered" />
<specialization name="ridgeMarker" />

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 18.09.2015 08:11

you are right, the attribute "invertDirectionOnRotation" is only loaded by the plow specialization.
So it is out of order for the named mod.

Well, it does not make sens to define a wheel at a certain node (index path) and a speedRotationgPart too.
In general, they should point to different objects.

Just a guess: dismiss the speedRotatingParts completely.


Torlasco (diego_gg111) 18.09.2015 13:55
Hello, thanks for your answer.
I have tryed deleting one or another part (speedrotation and the wheels part) but in every case the wheels doesn't rotate.
I also thought that it's unnesesary the two things at the same time. But without one of them the wheels doesn't rotate.
Regarding to the model, could be done something with the pivot in maya, in order to change the direction of rotation?
I thought about ir because I have mirrored the default crowlers in maya and then ingame the mirrored little wheels rotate backward

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 18.09.2015 14:35

didn't think about that.

But you're right, giving the speedRotatingParts a negative radius is worth a try ;)


Torlasco (diego_gg111) 19.09.2015 02:44
Well, that did the trick.

You solved me 2 problems at once.

You are great, man. Thanks a lot!


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