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error: outdated custom shader

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Created18.09.2015 14:36

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 18.09.2015 14:36
Hi, sorry it's off topic, but i have a problem with a mod and i dont know how to make a new thread.. I downloaded a mod, and edited it myself, but everytime i try load the mod in game, it crashes... i checked a few things, and i realised when i load the mod in Giants editor, it says "error: outdated custom shader.....please convert shader from version 2 to version 3" or something along those lines... I've since realised that even if i load the original mod in giants, dont change anything at all, then save and open in game.. it still crashes.... PLS HELP!!

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 18.09.2015 14:39

as the error says, the shader is outdated and can't be used anymore.

There is no automatic conversion for the shaders.

You could try to use one of the new shaders, I guess you need the "vehicleShaderDirt.xml" or "vehicleShader".xml".
You can find these shaders in the base directory of farming simulator.


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