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Created22.09.2015 21:06

Giuseppe Antista (peppe78) 22.09.2015 21:06
hello , I do not know if it's the right place to write this question .
I would not know how to make a mods not editable . I worked months I would like to publish it but I would not want it to be changed or copied . I saw a few mods that have a file i3d but inside there is nothing just a dds that says " do not have permission " apparently reads the file shapes ... but how? thank you.

Emil I wanted to thank you for the advice if you want to leave you the video of the mods . still it needs some tweaking and the video did not come out very well .


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 23.09.2015 08:49

there is no way how you could secure your mod from being edited by somebody else.

Please take the following explanation for scripts into consideration (it is the same for complete mods).
As a modder you can learn from our open scripts and from open scripts by other modders.
So it is just kind of fair to leave your very own scripts open too.
Just in this way others can learn from your mods.
Give and take is the slogan ;)


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