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Created30.09.2015 16:16

Brian Blank (blankman77) 30.09.2015 16:17
Hi - I would like to combine a specific plow, cultivator, and seeding texture for my map. In order to do this I need to Edit the "Ground Diffuse/Height/Normal/Normal2" png files correct? Is there a tutorial on how to edit these png files? I searched but couldn't locate any.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 01.10.2015 08:28

eventually there are some informationns floating around in the net, but I do not now of any tutorial.

What is your actual problem and what are you trying to achieve?

Note: When you open these files please have a look at each layer seperately ... that might help you to understand how they are used.


Brian Blank (blankman77) 01.10.2015 14:16
Thank you Emil for your reply. I would like to take my favorite plow, cultivate, and seeding terrain detail texures and layer them into one ground diffuse file. What program could I use to "view" each layer and then replace with a layer that I like. Can I use paint? Or do I use blender? I'm not sure how to be able to take the "ground diffuse" file and view each layer seperately. Thanks so much for any advice.


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 01.10.2015 14:22

a professional solution would be Photoshop.

Solutions which are free: and Gimp
But I do not use on of those, so I'm not sure how to handle the request in these programs.
It should work though.


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