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Created05.10.2015 00:29

Paul Englot (PaulEng12) 05.10.2015 00:41
Hello I have added onions to my map and they grow upside down. Even tried to flip the texture picture over but they still grow upside down. have looked everywhere but cant figure it out. added carrots, oats,rye,sunflower and cranberry too and they are all good. here is my I3d lines-

<File fileId="104" filename="textures/foliage/foliage_onion_diffuse.png" relativePath="true"/>

<Material name="foliageonion_mat" materialId="507" ambientColor="1 1 1" customShaderId="46">
<Texture fileId="104"/>
<CustomParameter name="alphaBlendStartEnd" value="70 75 0 0"/>
<CustomParameter name="frequencyAndScale" value="0.3 0.1 0 0"/>

<FoliageSubLayer name="onion" densityMapTypeIndex="13" densityMapChannelOffset="4" numDensityMapChannels="4" materialId="507" cellSize="8" viewDistance="80" objectMask="65520" distanceMapIds="38;;;;;;;;38;38" distanceMapUnitSizes="128;;;;;;;;128;128" atlasSize="1" atlasOffsets="1 0" numBlocksPerUnit="1.9" width=";0.44;0.776;0.776;1;1;1;1;;0.23" height=";0.289;0.539;0.6328;1;1;1;0.703125;;0.12" texCoords=";0.0039 0 0.11 0.289;0.0371094 0.4375 0.194 0.539;0.25 0 0.25 0.6328;0.5 0 0.25 1;0.5 0 0.25 1;0.5 0 0.25 1;0.75 0 0.25 0.703125;;0.1582 0 0.0585938 0.1328" widthVariance="0" heightVariance="0.07" horizontalPositionVariance="0.12" numStates="10" growthNumStates="7" growthStateTime="2.8e+007"/>

And the Moddesc-

<fruitType name="onion" needsSeeding="true" allowsSeeding="true" useSeedingWidth="false" directionSnapAngle="0" minHarvestingGrowthState="4" maxHarvestingGrowthState="6" cutState="8" allowsPartialGrowthState="false" pricePerLiter="0.74" literPerSqm="1.85" massPerLiter="0.0003" seedUsagePerSqm="0.1" partOfEconomy="true" fruitMapColor="255, 255, 255, 1" hasWindrow="false"/>

And log file-
(edit by moderator: removed content. Please paste such a long 'file' at a site like pastebin and just put the link here)

Any Ideas why would help. if you need more info let me know. It is a personal map too by the way. I had it in 2013 and converted it to 2015 as well.

Paul Englot (PaulEng12) 05.10.2015 00:45
Sorry forgot something. I used the Additional fruittypes lua script too.

<sourceFile filename="scripts/additionalFruitTypes.lua" />

<text name="onion"> <en>onion</en> <de>onion</de> </text>

Also have watermod, chopped straw mod, Pig mod, digital displays and the mapsiloband 26 for a feed storage.

Master Saygo (Unknown) 07.10.2015 00:42
Maybe it's a new variety of onion that's supposed to grow upside down. ;}

Paul Englot (PaulEng12) 08.10.2015 08:41
My log file

Bjørn Magne Olsby (Olsbyn) 09.10.2015 18:35
First, remove all other maps and mods from your folder, just keep the zipz you need for the map to run correctly, if the problem persists, post your log file again.
Also, you should NEVER have more than one map in your folder, it`s a big chance they will have 2.

Paul Englot (PaulEng12) 21.10.2015 05:26
Ok I'll try it out thanks

Paul Englot (PaulEng12) 03.09.2016 23:58 is my new log file. Still cannot find why my onions are upside down.

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