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Is there a way to cut canola into swaths?

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Created10.10.2015 17:32

J Bartsch (Jbartsch) 10.10.2015 17:34
Hello. Is there a way to get canola to cut into swaths cause straight cutting it is not how it's done in my neck of the woods? It would be great to be able to do this. Thx

Herman Van Den Berg (sherman1987) 29.10.2015 22:28
Hi Bartsch,

I have had a go at this problem a few months ago since i also like the idea that you have.

I found out that its posible ingame to make a header cut canola.
you could also put it in a swath if you set up the header correct for this.
the problem that i found is that i could not yet make a dedicated swath for canola so that you can only pick it up with a pickupheader on a combine.

I have been talking to some guys about this that know how to code and they all say that it needs special scripting to make this work the way it works in real live.

off course with my luck non off the guys had some time to do it so if anybody with some scripting knowhow wants to tackel this problem I would greatly appreciate it.

greets shermy

Zachary Sims (Unknown) 10.02.2016 00:21
Hello fellas,

I have accomplished what you are looking for but in FS13 and I have released so so map with it but I had to do a custom canola crop inorder for it to work right everytime. Most sites I posted on no longer support 13 maps so I can look this up once I find it and give some insite..

Cheers Buford Mapping

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