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Injecting extra FoliageMultiLayer during map loading?

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Created27.10.2015 10:07

D. Ecker (Decker_MMIV) 27.10.2015 10:36
I recon that what I'm asking for below, is most likely impossible with the current game-engine. But it might be something that could inspire GIANTS' developers with future support for modding in Farming Simulator.

Is it in any way possible, when starting/loading a game-session, to inject additional FoliageMultiLayer(s) and their assets to the loaded map, maybe via load-callbacks to custom/modded LUA-script?

My reason for asking, is due to my 'Soil Management & Growth Control'-mod (a.k.a. SoilMod) which has a requirement of two custom made FoliageMultiLayers to be added to maps.

Currently these FoliageMultiLayers (and assets) have to be manually added to the map-I3D file - which should be easy for most gamers to do so on map-mods (though some find it difficult).

However, for paid DLCs containing map(s) and their protected content, it sets a barrier for "mods" like G├╝lleMistKalk, ChoppedStraw, Compost & my SoilMod.

So I was thinking...
... since fill-plane/particle materials can be dynamically loaded (injected?) in FS15, as seen in the SampleModMap.LUA's loadCareerMap01Finished() method,
... and mods which appeared for FS2013 that could alter/add building-models to the Titanium-DLCs map (okay, so it was just scenegraph node manipulation),
... then couldn't it also be possible to dynamically load extra FoliageMultiLayers and their assets into the game-session?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 05.11.2015 17:24

this request sounds interesting.
I will discuss it with the colleagues.

Sorry, that I can't help more right now.


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