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Adding Sound Effects To Machines??

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Created27.10.2015 23:43

Fdr Logging (firstdayreviews) 27.10.2015 23:48
hey! Im back again with more questions.

Ok so i've been fighting with this for the past while and still can't figure it out, Im trying to add sound effects to my machine.

Im attempting to add some heavy duty hydrolic sounds so when i lift my boom and stick it will activate a sound effect basically.

Now I see on the scorpion it has a sound effect when you lift and lower the boom that i've traced to the Cylinder sound in the XML.

When i attempt to turn on "Play sound" to "TRUE" it just constantly plays when in my machine. So what i need to know is

1. How do i make it so that my sound effect only activates when the boom moves and down.

2. How does the game know what sound effect to play for what object and how do I change that?

I see that the cylinder in the XML for the scorp has play sound "true" but how the heck does it know what sound file to play where is the reference to the sound file??


Fdr Logging (firstdayreviews) 30.10.2015 01:31

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 05.11.2015 17:28

the sound which is played is referenced as
<cylinderedHydraulicSound file="$data/vehicles/shared/hydraulicUp.wav" pitchOffset="0.75" volume="0.6" />

It is played as soon as an object (entry in the xml) is changed (translated/rotated/scaled)


Unknown 08.12.2018 14:19
What about getting a sound to play when the tension belts are fastened/unfastened? Or when an object is collided with (hits something)?

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