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zunhammer18500PE+zunhammerZunidisc error

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Created29.10.2015 22:19

Francisc Mititelu (Unknown) 29.10.2015 22:32
Hi guys! Im having some trouble working with the zunhammer 18500PE while has the zunhammerZunidisc attached and working.

the problem is as follows:

when I hit hire worker option, it takes into cosideration the 15m working width of the zunhammer18500PE, even tho the zunhammer Zunidisc has 6m working width, and so it leaves a 6m trail of worked and sprayed field and the next 9 m remains unworked and unsprayed, then 6m done, 9m undone and so long.

can it be fixed to take into consideration the 6m working width of the zunhammerZunidisc while it is attached to zunhammer18500PE and when the Zunidisc is not attached to be at normal 15m working width?


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 05.11.2015 17:32

please update your game to the latest version.
Also check the behaviour again with no mods in your mod folder.

The named problem should not happen.


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