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Created13.11.2015 18:17

Ethan Baatz (Unknown) 13.11.2015 18:23
Hi, I am trying to make my own map. I have found mention of a couple different ways of increasing map size. One method is to increase the size of some different picture files such as the map DEM. The other way is to increase the unitsPerPixel of the i3d file. Is one of these ways better than the other? Are there tutorials out there for doing either one of those? I have been semi successful with both methods.

Also, is there a way to wipe the map clean of all textures besides grass? When I use the brushes to get the map to a grass texture, I still see the dirt texture where the fields used to be when I zoom way out in GE. Any help would be appreciated.


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 16.11.2015 09:20

as fas as i'm aware there are no tutorials on increasing the map size.
I might be wrong though.

Increasing the sizes of files is bad because of the increased amount of data to be laoded and used by the game, but good in terms of precision (how fine grained a tool can work).

Increasing the "unitsPerPixel" is bad because of the loss of precision, but good in terms of memory usage.

So, it's up to you which way you choose ;)

Concerning your second question ... just paint everything green/grass ... then save and reload the map (you might need to exit the GE) - that should "fix" your problem.


Melvin Goemaere (Unknown) 05.04.2016 14:46
I am making a own map and that is successful ,
but then I save the map and I open the map again and then all of what has changed on the ground is gone.

Can you help me?


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 06.04.2016 06:48
HI Melvin,

hmmmm, that sounds weird.

Please make sure that you've placecd the map in a location which you have access to.
e.g. your mods directory


Andrew Jones (Unknown) 09.04.2016 08:34
hi, melvin:

have you looked at the weight png files in the map01 folder, the same one as the DEM file.

if you create new ones that are all black, the absence of the attribute, for all but the grass_weight - which is completely white, the presence of the attribute.

the files are 1024x1024 pixels 8 bit single channel png format.

also delete the cache files in the map folder, this forces the engine to reload the map from the png files rather than loading the map from the cache files.

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