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westbridge hills wont load

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Created13.11.2015 23:57

Louis Dimich (louis843) 14.11.2015 00:03
hi i was trying to mod my westbridge hills map and i did every thing i was told to do for createing my mod map by the book of doing map01 and did that for west bridge hills and once i got done and i put it in my mods folder and tried to load the game all it does is still saying is game is being loaded please wait..but when i made bjorn holm for a mod map it worked but west bridge hills wont and i am trying to figer out whats going on with it because i see every one else making west bridge hills maps

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 16.11.2015 09:23

first of all, let me say that you should create a mod map first before you start to edit that map.
(You probably have done that, but I just want to get sure you do it the right way)

It is always a good idea to check the log.txt file for error messages.
Eventually you will find some information there.


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