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Straw Trigger and Straw Planes

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Created19.11.2015 19:15

David Shackleton (Unknown) 19.11.2015 19:18
Hi, so i have edited a map and am have got everything to work except Straw Trigger and Straw Planes.

Game registers that straw is been triggered but straw does not appear on barn floor. what am i doing wrong ?



Emil Drefers (Unknown) 20.11.2015 07:22

please have a look at the userAttributes of the object "cowsHusbandry".
It contains several attributes.
One of them is called "strawPlaneIndex" and points to the (child) object which is used as the straw plane.
The straw plane just moves up and down (y value is adjusted) whereby the values are defined by the user attribute "strawPlaneMinMaxY" ... I guess these values have to be adapted in your case.


David Shackleton (Unknown) 20.11.2015 14:41
Good day Emil.

Thank you for information. Issue resolved :)



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