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Created22.11.2015 06:50

Jeremy Ritch (Unknown) 22.11.2015 06:53
Hi, Im trying to figure out how to add more dust particles to the wheels of vehicles in FS2015. I've been looking around in the game editor but I cannot find the correct file for the particles. Which file do I need to edit and what do I need to change? Thanks!

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 23.11.2015 09:11

please open any .xm file of a steerable vehicle and have search for the particles.
A line which defines such a particle looks like this:

<driveGroundParticleSystem file="$data/vehicles/particleAnimations/shared/drivingParticleSystem.i3d" wheel="1" />

I guess it should be easy now to find the i3d file of the particle system.

But be aware that if you change that file it is only a local change, meaning that other players in MP won't see that change.


Jeremy Ritch (Unknown) 30.11.2015 17:23
Thank you!

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