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Adding additional crop to map

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Created25.11.2015 19:36

David Shackleton (Unknown) 25.11.2015 19:58
Good day all, I have finally manged to add the crop Sunflower to my map but see that it is not been used by the game economy. How do i resolve this issue ?



Emil Drefers (Unknown) 26.11.2015 07:59

you need a custom script to register the fruit type in the game itself.

you can see which commands are available for doing so.

Probably it would be best to search for a mod map which contains additional fruit types, so you can see what is neccessary.


David Shackleton (Unknown) 26.11.2015 16:49
Hi Emil, thanks again for the help.

I have been able to add sunflower to the map and it is displayed in the Storage - Prices. My problem is that price offered by all is 0$/t. What am i missing ?



Emil Drefers (Unknown) 27.11.2015 07:16

you're welcome :)

Are you sure that you entere the correct values when registering the fruit type?
Can we see the command and the arguments you are using?


David Shackleton (Unknown) 27.11.2015 16:35
Hi, hope this is the correct information.

From modDesc.xml

<AdditionalFruitTypes hudDirectory="fruitHuds/">
<fruitType name="sunflower" needsSeeding="true" allowsSeeding="true" useSeedingWidth="false" directionSnapAngle="0" minHarvestingGrowthState="4" maxHarvestingGrowthState="6" cutState="8" allowsPartialGrowthState="false" pricePerLiter="0.31" literPerSqm=".466" massPerLiter="0.00025" seedUsagePerSqm="0.05" partOfEconomy="true" fruitMapColor="242, 255, 158, 1" hasWindrow="false" windrowPricePerLiter="0.04" windrowLiterPerSqm="5" windrowMassPerLiter="0.00003" forageWagonConversion="wheat" substituteBales="wheat"/>

From map01.i3d

<FoliageSubLayer name="sunflower" densityMapTypeIndex="9" densityMapChannelOffset="4" numDensityMapChannels="4" materialId="327" cellSize="8" viewDistance="70" objectMask="65520" distanceMapIds="26;27;28;29;30;30;30;31;32" distanceMapUnitSizes="128;128;128;128;128;128;128;128;128" atlasSize="1" atlasOffsets="1 0" numBlocksPerUnit="1.2" width=";0.25;0.6;1.4;1.6;1.6;1.6;1.2;1.6" height=";0.8;1.5;1.9;1.7;1.7;1.7;1.5;1.6" texCoords=";0 0 1 1" widthVariance="0" heightVariance="0.2" horizontalPositionVariance="0" numStates="9" growthNumStates="7" growthStateTime="2.4e+007" blockShapeId=";1;2;3;4;4;4;5;6;"/>

Followed, copied and pasted from the page


Derek Latham (ragworm) 28.11.2015 15:58
have you gone round the outlets and add the fruit to them and also price

David Shackleton (Unknown) 29.11.2015 11:10
Hi Derek, Thank you for your help, i had not added fruit price to sell points.



Matěj Prohaska (Unknown) 14.02.2017 19:15

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