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Wagon not unloading

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Created29.11.2015 23:13

Thomas J Quattro Jr (quatts22) 29.11.2015 23:16
So here is my issue. I have been using a mod for some time with no issues. Today I went to use the mod and it would not unload at the bunkers. The rear gate would open, however nothing would come out and the game would pretty much freeze. I went back to the creator of the map and he said in order for it to work with his map, I would have to change the fill types of the mod to standard in the XML file. How exactly would I go about doing this.


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 30.11.2015 08:25

makes me wonder what the modder did in the map.
But anyway, the default vehicles in the base directory f the game offer plenty of help.
There you can find a lot of examples for "fillTypes".


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