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Created30.11.2015 01:14

Rogerio Emke (Unknown) 30.11.2015 01:15
what should I do so that the particle system is stable when the mod move?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 30.11.2015 08:29

you can set an user attribute which will make the particles move indepent of the physics.

The attribute is named "useWorldSpace" and is of type "boolean".
If you set it to true the particles will be influenced by the physics.
If you set it to false they won't be influenced ;)

The user attribute must be set for the particle system itself, which is the node in the editor with which you can adjust the properties of the particle system.


Rogerio Emke (Unknown) 30.11.2015 21:20
Thanks for helping! Problem solved!

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