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Created08.12.2015 22:23

Gorilla Zack (Unknown) 08.12.2015 22:27
Hi, I'm trying to make my own map, like minigames and that as in: Truck & Tractor Pulls, Drag Races, Mud Bogging, and so on. But the biggest problem of all is I can't figure out how to make mud for mud bogging. I see it on many maps like for example one is Baldeykino ( don't know if I spelled it right ), where it is in fields, but I want to make one straight mud pit. I can't figure it out! And if it is obvious how to or so easy how to, then I'm just plain dumb. But I just started modding like a week ago. So please help! Thank You.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 11.12.2015 08:02

well, I'm not sure what kind of mud that is in the map you've mentioned.

But I think that it is just a quad with a texture. So it is really no 'real mud'.

To get something like that you only have to lower the terrain at the place you want the mud to be.
Next place a plane/quad with the mud texture on that spot.
Voila ... as long as the plane/quad has no physical representation you will sink into that 'hole'/mud as soon as you drive on it with your tractor.


Harold L Woods (Unknown) 13.01.2016 04:18
hi i got skechup files i need trun i3d u cand mesge me harold woods on face book i got lot train stuff needs scripted an teuxterd an trucks i want mod im beganer plz help

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 13.01.2016 07:55

we do not have an exporter for sketch up.

In order to get your models into an i3d file you would first need to import them into Blender, Maya or 3Ds Max.


Larry Horse (Larry) 16.01.2016 01:17
If I remember correctly u can export skechup files as Wavefront OBJ, than import it to Blender and you don't even have to mess with them all that much. Just 0 rotations and get the scale u want; assign a material ;UV will probably good from skechup, if not unwrap it,export it, and there you go....all the crap you heart desire in in i3d format(well little bit harder than that, but not much and Blender is now best 3d software out there including Maya and 3dMax)

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