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Setting tractor Horsepower

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Created13.12.2015 18:24

Raymond Larson (Unknown) 13.12.2015 18:26
I am wondering how Horsepower is calculated?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 14.12.2015 16:26

you can check the actual value by enabling the vehicle debug rendering by using the console command:

Note: the default vehicles are a bit overpowered, but just a tiny bit ;)


Raymond Larson (Unknown) 15.12.2015 16:06
Ok, so there isn't a specific way to calculate them, more of a trial and error till I get the desired amount?

Also, when checking with the console, do I need to put the tractor under heavy load to check max power, or just drive around?

Tyler Lezotte (Unknown) 15.12.2015 18:29
Horsepower is determined by the torqueScale value.
If the vehicle's maxRpm value is 2200 and the last torque curve line is <torque normRpm="1" torque="0.72"/>, then the formula is:

torqueScale = HP / 225.5

If the maxRpm is not 2200, the formula is more complicated:

HP = (torqueScale * torquecurvevalue * Pi * RPM / 30) * 1.35962161

This link is where I got the formulas from:

Raymond Larson (Unknown) 19.12.2015 16:24
Ok, thanks guys, I believe those will help me out quite a bit.

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