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Created16.12.2015 01:41

Alex Otto (Unknown) 16.12.2015 02:03

i'm converting your Amazone D1 from 2013 to 15 to have a sowing machine for oldtimers.
Three problems:

1) when i activate the animated support pillars when not attached the Amazone slips away from the tractor when approach. I cant attach it, like antimagnetic. With a parameter change i had the other effect some hours before: the Amazone was attracted by the tractor. But I don't now the right parameter after other changes, I quess I've red about a xml-parameter to do this...
When I deactivate the animation all is fine but the pillars don't move of course.
I've played with wheel masses, then the Amazone also don't slip but the tractor can't pull her.

2) How can i bring the little transmission on the right side to rotate only when the Amazone is lowered? Is there an easy way in xml or have i write a script? Now they move every time the tractor is moving cause they are in speedRotatingParts-Section.

3) The main wheels rotate by moving the tractor after raising the Amazone while driving. After raising in stagnation they dont rotate. How can I fix this?

My xml:

Thanks and Greetz

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 16.12.2015 08:28

first i wannt ti give you some general hints and please always have a look at the default machines because they mostly can help you to set up everything properly.

Please double check what values the physical attributes of the components have. (mass, friction, damping, etc)
Use a compoundChild for the support instead of an extra compound.

Have a look at the "horschTiger1010LT.xml" for example.
<speedRotatingPart shaderNode="0>0|4|0|1|1" radius="-0.23" foldMinLimit="0.0" foldMaxLimit="0.1"/>
foldMin/MaxLimit should be able to help you ;)

3) Are you talking about "real wheels" or speedRotating Parts.
Either way ... keep in mind that everything freezes if not moved for a few seconds.
And for me it sounds like the wheels don't have to move at all ... why should they move if you only raise the tool?


Alex Otto (Unknown) 16.12.2015 09:27
Thx Emil for quick answer.

1) and 2) I'll have a look at that, thx.

3) I mean the two real main wheels which the sower stands on or rolling on when on the ground.
they are defined in the wheels-section (not in speedRotating like the transmission).

They should only move when the sower is lowered and the tractor is moving because the machine has no PTO. Imagine a non propelled trailer which can be completely lowered/raised. The wheels should only move when the trailer is lowered and moving not when hanging in the air.

Let me explain the current state:
When I drive the tractor with lowered sowing machine and raise the sowing machine while driving, the wheels will ever rotate when I move the tractor although the sower is raised. The only way to stop it is to lower and raise the sowing machine while stopped.
When I drive the tractor with lowered sowing machine and stop before raising the sowing machine, all is fine, the wheels rotate only when the sowing machine is lowered and driving.
So I have to stop before raising the sower so that the wheels function is correct. In real life its the normal procedure of course, but in game many hectic people raise the implements while driving. ;)

Hope you understand the problem, my english is not the best. Too long out of practice... :)

Thx and Greetz

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 16.12.2015 17:27

ah, yes I do understand your problem.

Well, currently there is no physical force which brakes the wheels when they are "in the air".
So ... sadly but truely there is no solution for that.
Except maybe you write a custom script which applies a slight brake force to the wheels as soon as they are raised in the air.


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