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crops texture problem

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Created24.12.2015 20:18

Fdegh Hgb (fdegh) 24.12.2015 20:19
Does anyone know why the texture of my crops are all growth stadies at once????

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 28.12.2015 08:43

nope ;)

Propably you have changed the texture?
In this case please have a look at the default texture and understand its layout.
Your custom texture must have the exact same layout, because the texture for a crop contains multiple growth states.


Fdegh Hgb (fdegh) 30.12.2015 00:33
Thanks for your reply..i changed three times the textures...different all..and it's the in ge if i add potato dor example ..they showa all the growth stadies at the game too..but when i sow it in the game..they appear map has soilmod.. What should be the problem?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 30.12.2015 08:51

hmmm, just to get sure you could create a mod map from a default map and try to plant potatos in that new mod map.
If it appears the same (distorted) way you just selected the wrong values for the "Foliage Channels".

Otherwise it might be a "problem" of the SoilMod, but I'm not sure how it exactly works and what it does change. I also don't think that it influences the potato foliage that much. So please make sure that you know how to plant potatos and other fruit types correctly first.


Fdegh Hgb (fdegh) 02.01.2016 23:04
I know how to plant the fruit types corectly..i've tried on another works just the potatoes,sugarbeet,canola, wheat, corn, barley..(fruit types) are not showing good the textures..the texture if i sow them works fine, but when i add it to my map it shows all the growth stadies at once.. :D

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