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Created29.12.2015 01:33

Bjørn Magne Olsby (Olsbyn) 29.12.2015 01:37
Hi, I bought the Gold addon and noticed the new traffic vehicles, so I was wondering if it`s possible to load the traffic vehicles instead of the default traffic vehicles in my mod maps , I understand that if it`s possible it needs to be a lua entry, so how would I go forth to do achieve this ?

Bjørn Magne Olsby (Olsbyn) 09.01.2016 17:36
Bumping this and hoping someone from Giants can reply, this should be possible with the paths to each of the russian vehicles so I can change it in my game xml ( I know it will ruin multiplayer, but I only play singleplayer), or with a lua code that overrides the default traffic system, in which I can put in the respective maps lua file ??

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