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Warning: vehicle.hydraulicSound is not supported anymore.

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Created31.12.2015 14:57

J Merc-cas (Unknown) 31.12.2015 15:01
well like the title says I am getting Warning: vehicle.hydraulicSound is not supported anymore. Use vehicle.cylinderedHydraulicSound instead. The problem is when I switch to cylinderedHydraulicSound then as soon as an implement is attatched the hydraulic sounds stays constantly going and will not stop until you un-attatched the implement but when i use hydraulicSound it does not do this. I belong to American Iron Modding (A.I.M) and releasing a mod with any error in the log is not acceptable so any help here Emil would be appreciated.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 04.01.2016 06:57

well if you use the hydraulicSound no sound will be played - that's correct.

The cylinderedHydraulicSound will be played if a movingPart is updated.
So, what you need to do is to check if a movingPart is updated every frame, which is always the case if an implement is attached because the hydraulic has to be adjusted/aligned to the implement's attacher every frame.

If you have a look at some default vehicles you will find the following attribute in several movingParts:
which means that this movingPart should not play a sound if it is moved.

Guess that shoul dsolve your problem ;)


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