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trailer autosteer to work with reversing

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Created01.01.2016 19:42

Jeremias Serpilä (Unknown) 01.01.2016 20:14
Hey! I am beginner in modding a trailer with fixed axle and one with steering and wanted to ask here(dont know if this is right place)of making right scripting that would have autosteer working on axle while driving or backing.

I have been looking for answer but all that could help in this was when I found this "versatileYRot="true" from krone`s lawnmoving attachment and that would work atleast somehow on this case.

And for the real question. Is there other ways to have steerable tyres to have auto steer working also when backing up or could I use coding that I found and add some lock to steering so that tyres would not turn all the way to opposite direction but instead they would steer 15-20 degree side to side?

Sorry for bad writing(I do not handle english very well nor even my my own mother language).

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 04.01.2016 07:10

if you have a look at the xml file of the KuhnGA8521 you will find the following line:

<steeringAxleAngleScale startSpeed="5" endSpeed="30" backwards="true" />

This enables the steering of wheels which have the following attributes

steeringAxleScale="-0.7" steeringAxleRotMax="30" steeringAxleRotMin="-30"

not only when driving forwards but also when driving reverse.

That should solve your problem?


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