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Import storage into existing map

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Created05.01.2016 00:09

J Stevens (Yasp0) 05.01.2016 00:14
I imported a storage object in my Manchester map I am using and loaded my savegame. The storage object does show up ingame and looks fine, but when I move my tipper at the unloading point is does not fill. It seems like the storage is empty although I did fill it up first. Also tried a storage object with a digital counter, this keeps at 0 although I fill the silo. Any ideas on how to get this working? Or do I need to start a new game instead?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 05.01.2016 07:16

sounds like you are using mod objects?
In this case we can't give any support, because there are too many possibilities why it could not work ;)

But, starting a new savegame is always worth a try :)


J Stevens (Yasp0) 05.01.2016 13:32
Hi Emil,

Yes that's true. Thanks for your answer. I will try to look into it myself or post on another forum :)


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