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i3d file and game files equal

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Created14.01.2016 17:05

Kjffhafa (Zocker98nsmods) 14.01.2016 17:07
Hey people,
my i3d mod map files and game aren't equal in the giants editor there are no fields 3 garages but ingame theres the default map whats my mistake should the fields I change mine or not.

thanks Noah

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 15.01.2016 08:24

hmmmm, I'm really not sure if I understand your problem correctly.
Could you please describe it in more detail?


Larry Horse (Larry) 16.01.2016 00:56
This is too funny not to think about...

Check what i3d file you got in "SampleModMap.lua" or whatever you named it, and make sure it is the same map you makeing

Kjffhafa (Zocker98nsmods) 17.01.2016 18:05
thanks support never understand me

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