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Created15.01.2016 07:06

Nathen Pulliam (Naterz98) 15.01.2016 07:08
Is there a good place with solid information on building a complete map for FS15? The tutorials are okay but cover nothing about things such as the PDA, setting starting vehicles. I can find the basics and bit and pieces but not everything I need to know. As Is obvious I am new to this so any direction would be awesome.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 15.01.2016 08:32

not really ...

but I can recommend the following (English speaking) web sites: (the forum),
Maybe you can find some information there or ask for help on specidifc topics.


Larry Horse (Larry) 16.01.2016 01:01
Yes there is! There are at least 2 maps on your harddrive. Brake them up and learn; all is there

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