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digital indoor hud?

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Created16.01.2016 05:17

Aj Gatenby (Unknown) 16.01.2016 05:19
how do I make a digital indoor hud, or even get the needles working in a regular analog indoor hud

when I try it, instead of the needles going around the dial, they bend inward and all over the shop
any advice is greatly appreciated.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 18.01.2016 08:10

let's have a lock at the analog indoor hud first.
You can define an animation in the xml file of your vehicle.
The script/game will do nothing alse than playing that animation up to a certain point.
So, all you have to do is to set up an animation correctly.
Please note that the rotation most likely should be as simple as possible (only on eaxis), otherwise there might come up some result swhich are unexpected.

For the digital hud you can copy an xisting one from a default vehicle ...
If you want to set it up in Maya it's a bit more complicated, but no brain wracking thing ;)


Aj Gatenby (Unknown) 19.01.2016 10:01
I got the digital indoor hud done, that was easy,
when I try the analog hud it just doesn't work, or does it in correctly.
for example I get one dial working and it goes half way up the dial and then comes back below zero, and the other one doesn't work at all, I tried copying someone else's dial data but no luck.
then I tried copying the data from the giants editor, still doesn't work.

i'm at a loss as to why they wont spin on the dial,
i'm a modder for world racing 2, we had a small app called editcar, what that did was allow us to set the exact settings for the dials, engine, gearbox wheel positions you name it.
would it be possible to adapt said app to work with fs's xml files

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 20.01.2016 07:39

well, that would have been my next suggestion or let's say the way you should start to integrate your vehicle: have a look at the default vehicles and try to figure out how things work in there.


this line defines which animation has to played to update the indicator for the fuel fill level:
<fuel animName="fuelDisplay" />

next you have the definition of the animation which is referenced in the above xml line:
<animation name="fuelDisplay">
<part node="0>35|1|0" startTime="0" endTime="1" startRot="0 0 0" endRot="0 0 -80" />

That's it.
As soon as the fuel fill level changes the animation will be updated.

Again, make sure that the rotation of the needle is "simple".
At best only around one axis.
Plus the rotation should be linear ...
e.g. if you have a start value of 350 and want to rotate it in the positive direction and beyond 360 you will end up at, let's say -40 ... the animation will do something else ... it will rotate the needle from 350 to -40, but without going across 360, so in the opposite direction

If nothing works you could upload your vehicle.xml to pastebin and link it here ... maybe we can find some mistakes in it ;)


Aj Gatenby (Unknown) 21.01.2016 04:15
i give up I've tried everythuing I can think of, nothing works.

here is the link to the mod if you can get it working then drop me a line
at ozmods 45 @ gmaildotcom

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 21.01.2016 08:29

welll the needles will never move if you don't create an animation for them.
An example animation is already posted ... it should not be too hard to adapt that to your mod ;)


Aj Gatenby (Unknown) 21.01.2016 23:37
what do you mean "create an animation for them" I've put In the required code and it still doesn't work.

so i'm at a loss as to how to get this going. I've tried everything I can think of...this is why I don't like the farming simulator community, there are too many unhelpful people in it,

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 22.01.2016 08:46

as I stated in my second post you have to create an animation for the needle.
The mod which you posted the link to is missing such an animation.

the index path for the speed needle is:
so you would have to write something like the following to your ac427.xml
<animation name="speedDisplay">
<part node="0>16|0" startTime="0" endTime="1" startRot="0 0 0" endRot="0 0 -80" />
What you will notice is that the rotation values in this example do not match the ones you will actually need.
Therefore I want to give you a tip which makes getting good rotation values easier:

- create a transformgroup and place it in the same hierachical level as the needle
- transfer the position (translation and rotation) of the needle to that transformgroup
- now place the needle as a child in that newly created transformgroup
- set the translation and the rotation of the needle to 0/0/0
- voila: you need a rotation around one axis only

As soon as the speed needle works go on and take care of the rpm needle.

A side note:

You do not need to restart the complete game to load the updateed xml file of your mod.
Just sell it and buy it again.
On every buy the vehicle.xml file is (re) loaded.

But pay attention if you change something in the I3D file!
As soon as you change something in the I3D file you have to clear the I3D cache of the game.
That only works as it should if you sold the vehicle before using the following console command: gsCleanI3DCache
After using that command you can buy the vehicle and enjoy your adjustments.

Have fun and enjoy modding!


Aj Gatenby (Unknown) 24.01.2016 08:51
wow, what can I say here but THANKYOU, after a few adjustments it works, hot diggity, thankyou for your help.

I'm happier than a pig in shite lol..


Nikolas Pipa (Unknown) 30.01.2017 14:14

god BUT as I do I can not get the 32-bit version gigantas editor 6.0.6!

Jorn Hiel (fa285634) 03.02.2017 19:46
@nikolas, 32bit systems are obsolete so not worth developping for anymore

@Emil a simple reset also reloads the XML, a sell and rebuy reloads the i3D ;)

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