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Created22.01.2016 00:35

Enrico Accorsi (CMPunk95) 22.01.2016 00:39
I would like to create in Maya 2016 of hydraulic hoses to a trailer . I saw him as a model Zunhammer zunidisk . The tube above has only two joint but it seems that the model of the tube moves completely . How do I create a model suitable for a hydraulic hose ? How you do skinning similar to that of Zunhammer zunidisk ?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 22.01.2016 08:49

please have a look at our video tutorials first.
They explain the first steps which are needed to get a skinned model into the game.


Enrico Accorsi (CMPunk95) 22.01.2016 12:27

I've already seen but is a bit ' too general ...

Larry Horse (Larry) 26.01.2016 12:38
Why can't I have look at our video tutorials for Blender? Is Blender a redheaded stepchild?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 28.01.2016 08:26

what do you mean exactly?

We have two video tutorials for Blender.
I know thats by far less than what we have for Maya, but that's due to the fact that we use Maya much more internally and based on our knowledge the modding community also uses Maya more than Blender.


Larry Horse (Larry) 31.01.2016 14:54
Can you get skinned nodes into a i3d file with current exporter out of a Blender? It has been 3 years and no one cares to ogment the .py file to my knowledge. And if you could, how wold you even start? An armature,a
mesh with lattice, maybe a bezier. For most part you're on your own.
For now I'm stuck with rigid hose in my my hand,all puns intended.

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