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Created22.01.2016 00:51

Boile Shita (Unknown) 22.01.2016 00:51
Hey Y'all! I have all the things I need, my computer just wont do it! When I load the Giants software and open a map everything comes up but the actual picture of whats going on! For that reason i cannot edit my map like i want and am looking for someone to do it for me! On the Bjornholm(?) map, The Lumberyard pond, I would really, really love for someone to edit in a "ramp" so that i can just back down in the water, get credit for my logs and then drive out without having to worry about backing over the edge and having to "reset" equipment all the way back to my farm! Can someone please assist me with this, should be a simple edit! Thank you!!!!

Dakota Tyler Ray (Unknown) 05.02.2016 06:34
i will help you whit that

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