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when i export i3d from 3dsmax i get this!

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Created28.01.2016 10:32

Aj Gatenby (Unknown) 28.01.2016 10:33
doesn't matter what version I use, it messes up the textures. I think the exporter is busted. I cant get a clean car out no matter what I try. can only export to obj and then to blender.

even fbx doesn't work. when I export to fbx and then to i3d and then save it, it breaks the file as well.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 29.01.2016 08:13

please make sure that you have only one texture per object.
That might explain the problem and it is also very important for a good performance.


Pawel Lesniak (4mpli1234) 13.02.2016 10:58
i got the same problem when exporting from 3ds max but what i do now is making multi/sub object material and exporting it from max in .fbx format and next importing it to maya and from maya to .i3d then everything working just fine.

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