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Created21.02.2016 00:28

Daniel Jørgensen (Hulapyk) 21.02.2016 00:32
Hi. I've been struggling with creating a placeable buypoint for saplings as I play a modded map where there isnt a gardencenter as it is a converted map from another farming sim game.

I've been following this tutorial:;sa=view;article=158
And my result is this:

It is placeable in-game as it is now, but I cant get the trigger to work properly. Any help would be highly appreciated.

Please note that this is one of my first attempts in modding :b
(Any help on how to change the texture of the cube I've added would be appreciated as well, it is added via the giants editor)

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 22.02.2016 08:45

to Integrate the functionality of the gardencenter into a placeable object requires some scripting knowledge.
Therefore I would recommend you to import the gardencenter into the map directly.


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