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Remove A Field in Giants Editor

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Created23.02.2016 15:18

Bjørn Brynildsen (prawler) 23.02.2016 15:22


Newly started playing around with GE.

I want to remove a filed from a map. Thought it would be prety straight forward.
Seems not. Someone told me i had to copy culticator_density.grle and fruit_density.grle from my saved game into map01 in the map. Load up GE and edit/delete the field. Save. Copy the two files back in my savegame folder.

Tried that, but the game still renders the field on top of the grass. What am i missing or doing wrong?

Anyone had this happen before?

Does someone have a guide for this?

Best regards

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 24.02.2016 08:06

first of all I would skip the "copy" stuff and edit the map as you want it to be.
Then start a new savegame.
If everything is as you want it to be you can copy the density files.


Bjørn Brynildsen (prawler) 24.02.2016 21:08

Hi Emil

Opened up tha map in GE, and edited/removed the field. Saved, and copied the map in my mods folder. Started up a new savegame. Still. It renders a field over the grass when i drive up to it.

I did not copy any of the grle files from map01 to my game.

I must be doing something wrong? Or it must be a step that i am missing.

It works just fine on the origina Bjornholm map i exported out of GE, but not the map i am cuttently playing on?

Why, what is the difference between an original map an a modded one?

Best regards

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 25.02.2016 08:10

there should not be much of a difference between the original map and a mod map.
Anyhow, I would recommend to edit the mod map directly in the "mods" folder.
This way you don't need to copy files back and forth.


Bjørn Brynildsen (prawler) 25.02.2016 14:23

Just tried what you said.

Edited that directly from the mods folder. Still the same result. It seems that it is not possible to do it in GE.
Am i wrong?

There must be something that i am not doing, or doing it wrong.
It should be really easy? Remove field, save i3d file. Exit GE. Load up FS 2015 and start a new game?

Why did it work on an original map?

Im really frustrated at this point.....

You sure i do not have to edit a grle file? Not that i kbow how to......

Is there a tutorial on that somewhere?

Best regards

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 26.02.2016 08:16

you can have a look at our video tutorials.
There is one about field editing.

The GE is enough to edit fields, you don't need any manual editing of grle files.


Bjørn Brynildsen (prawler) 26.02.2016 23:54

I have watched those tutorials.

I just remove the fields. But no matter what i do it still draws up a field over the grass, or what ever was there before i removed the grass.

I asphalted over the grass, but i still see the field rendering over the asphalt as i drive on the field.

There must be something strange with this map. Cause i can do this on the original Bjornholm......

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 29.02.2016 07:59

maybe it's worth a try to ask the modder what was done with the map ...


Bjørn Brynildsen (prawler) 03.03.2016 15:00

This is a tutorial for removing a field i got from a forum:

If you wish to join the 3 fields, do as follows:
1) Delete the trees, remove the dirt texture by painting grass.
2) Paint with the "Terrain foliage paint mode" using the "terrainDetail" layer in between the fields to create one big field.
3) I highly suggest making the field so that it doesn't cross the fields 2 and 3 when you move the corners around (this will interfere with the "you do not own this field", if you don't own the new field and field 2 + 3 from the start).
4) Move the corners from field 5 so they fit the new field.
5) Delete the fields 6 and 7.
6) Remember to move the "fieldBuyTrigger" and "fieldMapIndicator" into the middle of the new field.
7) The field should be ready the use in the game.
Deleting the field you wish to delete if you want a grass area (and not a field to be on the map as a field, buyable and such):
1) Delete the "fieldxx" in the transform group "fields".
2) Choose the "Terrain foliage paint mode" and then "terrainDetail" and delete the field texture.
3) Paint with the "Terrain detail texture paint mode" a "grass" texture where the field were.
4) Now choose "Terrain foliage paint mode" and select "grass" with channel 1 and 6 active to paint cut-able grass and paint the entire area.
5) The field should be deleted and gone in the game.

Could someone please see if this is correct?

Followed the tutorial, and it worked.....sort of.....

The field was removed.....and the grass i planted was glare free of previous field. Nice

But, when i tried to replace the field with asphalt, the glare was back......a slighty green colour over the asphalt.....

I feel that i am onto something.........anyone??

Best regards

Ja Szakal (Szakal) 16.08.2019 15:28
Bjorn, I've tried your solution and still I've a field texture. I'm using 6.0.3 version of Giants Editor, and map: STATESv2. The field is deleted, but I can't find a "terrainDetail". I found "Terrain Editing", but there's only "remove" not "delete". Besides, when I add layer e.g. asphalt, then grass is still bottom of the asphalt. How can I delete it?
Please, don't be nervous, I've jut start to using a GE. :)

Best regrads,

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