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Edit foliage textures (Rape, wheat, barley, grass...)

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Created25.02.2016 16:22

Julen Julen (julen) 25.02.2016 16:30
1. When I edit with Gimp or Photoshop the rape_diffuse or wheatBarley_diffuse files for example, when I save as .dds file, I click on the option that says: Generate MipMaps, and there are another options that I don't know what they means. If I replace this saved new texture, when I walk away, they begin to be invisible. However, if I click on the option that says: Not MipMaps, this not happens but the texture looks in a very high resolution. Finally, if I click on the option that says: Use the original MipMaps, it happens some similar that the first one thing. So, what must I do in order to see the saved new texture like the original textures of the game? Thank you so much.

2. How can I create a new foliage texture from 0?

Thank you.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 26.02.2016 08:32

for Photoshop you have the following options (not complete):

- format:
DXT1 for textures without alpha (transparency)
DXT3 or DXT5 for textures with alpha (DXT3 is OK for waht you want)

- mipmaps:
generate all, existing or none ... all is the way to go in your case

Note: you can also use other image viewers to gather more information about a .dds file, e.g. irfanview

Creating new foliages from scratch?
Start slowly, I would say ... first try to edit a foliage ...
Afterwards you can try to do more ...
There are different types of foliage .... since FS15 we use real meshes for the foliage which makes the creation of textures a bit more compicated but it also gives more freedom in terms of what the foliage should look like because you can actually edit the form.
The older version of foliage (still supported in FS15) uses only quads to render a foliage and therefore the creation of foliage textures is much simpler.


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