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Created27.02.2016 18:59

Regis Bily (dragon500) 27.02.2016 19:02
hello here I am looking file: CollectableGoldCoins.lua
for I'd like to map that I'm doing change gold coins by something else.
so I wonder if the Giants can send me by mail:
in Waiting for your favorable reply hope I thank you very much

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 29.02.2016 08:17

this forum is English only.

The named script i still present in FS15.

You can use it whatever object you want, just add the required user attributes.


Regis Bily (dragon500) 01.03.2016 11:11
hello I have to look in FS15 and I can not find CollectableGoldCoins.lua file ??
or is he hiding ??
thank you

Regis Bily (dragon500) 01.03.2016 20:44
Voila please I would like to have this lua file (CollectableGoldCoins.lua)

My ideas is to replace the parts with another object (like a rabbit) and replace the text that was when we find these parts.

On the map I prepared I made a big area with bushes (maquis gender) is I will want to hide rabbits so players can get them.

But I am not a professional of lua is I think if I could get what I can change the lua was my idea.

waiting for your answer thank you

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 02.03.2016 08:02

yes the scripts are in a folder which is encrypted.
But the goldcoin script is still present in there, so you could use it.

Nonetheless you are right and some adjustments need to be made to that script in order to use it in FS15 as a mod.

We need to discuss internally if we want to adjust and publish the script.
Meanwhile you can try to serahc for a mod which does something like you want ... I might be wrong but I would say that there is something like that already, not neccessarily with rabbits though ;)


Regis Bily (dragon500) 26.03.2016 00:17
I come to the new order whether you're deciding to kindly send me the file Collectivisations.lua
in order to materialize my project
thank you in advance.

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