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map 16x problem still not solved

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Created03.03.2016 11:23

Sarah Marich (Unknown) 03.03.2016 11:32
Guys from giants claiming that with update 1.4.2 resolved all problems with map bigger than 4x.Same thing is with new giants editor 6.0.5.Neverless i try to make map bigger than 4x (8x,16x),and problems are still there:
Terrain have visual bugs,you cant plant any crops or paint a textures,Nothing is changed from previos versions of the game and giants editor still is not capable to make bigger maps.
Please guys if someone now how to work arround this problems let me know,i would appreciate so much!

Jim Peterson (JimmytheGeek) 03.03.2016 18:14
You may want to talk to FeterlJ over at He has ported his Dakota 16x map from 2013 to 2015 and is in Beta with it now. I've played it, and it's very good, though lower-detail textures due to map size.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 04.03.2016 08:29

here is a link to a post in the FS forum ...

Well, the post is in german, but I think you will understand nonetheless what the lines of code do?

Have fun!


Sarah Marich (Unknown) 04.03.2016 20:39
Thank you so much Emil!
Your advice is paid off,finally i can create bigger maps.And it is so easy,just convert all image files,weight files for defaults values of 16x map,same thing is with map_dem file.Add lines in Sample mod lua map,and copy shader files in map making folder,overwriting the old files.
Final step is open the map in giants editor 6.0.5 off course(LOL),and execute the short script which i find on that post you gave me(and im born and raised in germany,so german language is not the problem anyway :D),and BANG!,no more invisible terrain,no more pain in the ass with crops,everything works like in old giants editor 5!

Thank you one more time!!!!

Roger Stokes (rogerstokes28) 29.04.2017 03:19
i am nw to making maps can you point me in the right direction as to what I need to change how to change it so the crops show up in game?

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