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Created03.03.2016 19:49

Gaël Bigot (Unknown) 03.03.2016 19:56
I have created a mode using dds textures and when the i3D file is load on the game, only one of the textures is showed, the rest is transparant and the caracter can walk through it. When I simply open the file in the editor, everything appears normal. The game dosn't report any error in the log file. The only difference between the different textures is that the one that works is 1024*1024 and the other ones are 256*256 but I don't think this will help much.
Tell me if you have any ideas,

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 04.03.2016 08:32

please check if the textures have an alpha layer.
It might also be worth to check the matrial attributes.

The texture size itself is definetly not the problem ;)


Gaël Bigot (Unknown) 04.03.2016 13:18

I've checked everything, there are no alpha layers and the material attributes are the same for the whole model.
Would there be a way for someone to check the i3d file?


Gaël Bigot (Unknown) 04.03.2016 17:55
I just realized that it was not a texture problem, but a "shape" problem: only the first "shape" of the model appears.

This is the part of the i3d file that perhaps creates the problem:
Only "Shape01" appears in the game.

<Shape shapeId="2" name="Shape01" scale="0.0254 0.0254 0.0254" static="true" nodeId="40" materialIds="11, 9" castsShadows="true" receiveShadows="true"/>
<Shape shapeId="3" name="Shape02" scale="0.0254 0.0254 0.0254" static="true" nodeId="41" materialIds="11, 8" castsShadows="true" receiveShadows="true"/>
<Shape shapeId="4" name="Shape03" scale="0.0254 0.0254 0.0254" static="true" nodeId="42" materialIds="11, 6" castsShadows="true" receiveShadows="true"/>
<Shape shapeId="5" name="Shape04" scale="0.0254 0.0254 0.0254" static="true" nodeId="43" materialIds="11" castsShadows="true" receiveShadows="true"/>
<Shape shapeId="6" name="Shape05" scale="0.0254 0.0254 0.0254" static="true" nodeId="44" materialIds="7, 11" castsShadows="true" receiveShadows="true"/>
<Shape shapeId="7" name="Shape06" scale="0.0254 0.0254 0.0254" static="true" nodeId="45" materialIds="11, 8" castsShadows="true" receiveShadows="true"/>
<Shape shapeId="8" name="Shape07" scale="0.0254 0.0254 0.0254" static="true" nodeId="46" materialIds="11, 10" castsShadows="true" receiveShadows="true"/>
<Shape shapeId="9" name="Shape08" scale="0.0254 0.0254 0.0254" static="true" nodeId="47" materialIds="11, 10" castsShadows="true" receiveShadows="true"/>
<Shape shapeId="10" name="Shape09" scale="0.0254 0.0254 0.0254" static="true" nodeId="48" materialIds="11, 10" castsShadows="true" receiveShadows="true"/>
<Shape shapeId="11" name="Shape10" scale="0.0254 0.0254 0.0254" static="true" nodeId="49" materialIds="11, 10" castsShadows="true" receiveShadows="true"/>
<Shape shapeId="12" name="Shape11" scale="0.0254 0.0254 0.0254" static="true" nodeId="50" materialIds="11, 10" castsShadows="true" receiveShadows="true"/>

Gaël Bigot (Unknown) 05.03.2016 12:55
I resolved the problem by miself: The game only loads the first shape so I created a single shape for all the model.

Thanks for helping, though,

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