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Created04.03.2016 23:12

Phil Good (Unknown) 04.03.2016 23:34
Hey guys!

So, I've finally gotten back to working on my map in hopes of actually finishing it in time to play and enjoy it for a while before Farming Simulator 17 is released. However, I discovered a couple of issues earlier today that I was hoping you guys could help me sort out.

1 . Trees gone wild!

I was testing my map in-game, when I happened to notice that the trees (ash15m especially) were messed up. I'll include a couple of imgur links below to show off the problem, but to try and describe it in words it seems as if the attachments have gone slightly bananas. The "main" tree, as in the trunk and it's thicker branches, are fine, but the smaller branches and bits that disappear as one debranches the tree for example, are all over the place. Just check out the links (first on in particular) and you'll see what I mean.

Link 1 (ash15m):
Link 2 (spruce40m):

To give some additional information I can say that the problem shows up in the GIANTS Editor as well, however there are no errors, and no errors in the log after closing the game itself either.

Also, in the GIANTS Editor I can import another ash15m and it'll look just fine, but if I save and re-open the editor the tree will be just as looney tunes as the rest.

2. Can't save on the mod map

Quite simple really, I tried to save the game while playing on the map I'm working on, but could not.
The game just got stuck on the saving content screen.

After killing the process I found this in the log:
Error: Running LUA method 'onSaveStartComplete'.
D:/code/lsim2015/build/finalbin/dataS/scripts/economy/EconomyManager.lua(679) : attempt to index field 'fieldDefinitionBase' (a nil value)

I can save just fine on other maps for what it's worth.

Now I honestly have no idea what to make of it, but if it by some random, magical chance is relevant, my first thought when reading the error was that it might have something to do with not finding any purchasable/ownable fields on the map, which there isn't at the moment.
Would be a simple thing to check out, but I'll leave that to another day unless you guys can shed some light on it for me.

3. Bonus question - Starting money

Out of curiosity, is it possible to adjust the amount of starting money in a map mod, or is it "hardcoded" to 4, 8, and 12k, depending on the difficulty?

Thanks in advance for all replies and help that can sort out these somewhat demotivating issues.

- Steuermann

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 07.03.2016 07:55

1) The problem should have been fixed with the most recent version of the GIANTS Editor.
Please note that there is a shortcut to do a 'mass replace': ctrl + w (very handy if you import a 'good tree')

2) Yap, you're right ... the map needs at least one valid field definition

3) Yes, the amount is hard coded.


Phil Good (Unknown) 07.03.2016 20:15
Of course, the one time when I thought that it wouldn't really matter if I just updated the software at some later point. I'll be sure to download the latest version of the GIANTS Editor and give it a whirl.

A couple of questions regarding the mass replace though;
Do I simply select a "good tree" and hit ctrl + w, which then replaces all the same objects through the entire scenegraph?

If so, do all the replaced objects retain both their position as well as rotation? (Guessing that they do, 'cause if they didn't it wouldn't be of much help, in my case at least).

- Steuermann

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 08.03.2016 07:18

jap, you hit 'ctrl +w', afterwards you can select two objects.

The first one will be replaced by the second one and all transform attributes will be adopted/transered.


D. Ecker (Decker_MMIV) 23.03.2016 17:21
Even though Emil states that the 'starting money' amount is hard coded, it can be changed:

- For FS2013:
- For FS15:

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