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Created05.03.2016 12:28

Skanda Luther (Unknown) 05.03.2016 12:36
Hey everybody!

I would like to change a Texture in an existing Modmap.

The current settings are:
<FoliageSubLayer name="Randgras" numDensityMapChannels="1" materialId="716" cellSize="8" viewDistance="80" objectMask="65520" atlasSize="16" atlasOffsets="0.0625 0" numBlocksPerUnit="1.4" width="1.4" height="0.7" widthVariance="0.2" heightVariance="0.2" horizontalPositionVariance="0.3"/>

the related .dds File is a strip with one line and 16 Columns:

I would like to change it to the following texture:

The used Gras should not be mowable and not be a growing component, therefore i cant use the standard settings.
If i just change the picture it looks like this:

The settings are completely wrong.

The settings for this Texture with the ability to grow and be mown are as follows:
<FoliageSubLayer name="grass" densityMapTypeIndex="2" densityMapChannelOffset="4" numDensityMapChannels="4" materialId="386" cellSize="8" viewDistance="80" objectMask="65520" distanceMapIds=";9;9;9" distanceMapUnitSizes=";128;128;128" minDistanceColorDifference="0.027451 0.027451 0.027451" atlasSize="1;1;1;3" atlasOffsets="0 0;0 0;0.25 0" numBlocksPerUnit="1" width=";0.25;0.5;0.65" height=";0.25;0.4;0.65" texCoords=";0 0 1 1" widthVariance="0;0;0.2;0.3" heightVariance="0;0;0.1;0.3" horizontalPositionVariance="0.75" numStates="4" growthNumStates="4" growthStateTime="4.32e+007" blockShapeId=";8;9;10"/>

But they cannot be used for my grass.

Which are the values i need to change to fit the new texture into the proper presentation in GE?

Could please someone explain in detail the following parameters?

Thank you very much.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 07.03.2016 08:05

not sure if you actually did that, but I would recommend to copy/duplicate the line for the "grass" from your mod map, rename it and use that ... well, only if that "fruit type" uses the default texture (from Bjornholm).

First try to create a second grass channel, which looks good.

Afterwards try to make it not cuttable, which should be no problem at all ;)


Skanda Luther (Unknown) 12.03.2016 12:50
Understood. Thank you.

Andrew Jones (Unknown) 13.03.2016 14:09
emil, hi,

could you please help me. the problem map from the other thread is causing me all sorts of problems, the problem i have is i like the map, but want to make some structural changes to the map at the design layer.

do giants have a definitive design guide and specification for the files necessary to create terrain and terrain textures.

by hook or by crook, here's what i have been able to figure out for a 2048x2048 map:

map01_dem.png is a 24 bit RGB colour png file 1025x1025 pixels

the weight files are 8-bit single channel png files 1024x1024 pixels

the diffuse texture files are dds BC3/DTX5 with minimaps 2048x2048

the normal texture files are dds BC3/DTX5 with minimaps 2048x2048

the _distance_diffuse is the diffuse texture files scaled to 128x128 pixels

to create new grle files, delete the existing files and create new png files, HELP: not sure what file format these are in? i am also uncertain as to their function in the map. does the editor create new grle files from the png files?

cultivator_density 8192x8192 pixels Help: this appears to be 8-bit single channel

fruit_density 4096x4096 pixels Help: this appears to be a 24 bit RGB, also what does is its function?

grass_density 1024x1024 pixels Help: this appears to be 8-bit single channel

infoLayer 1024x1024 pixels Help: this appears to be 8-bit single channel. what does this layer do?

lol, it helps writing to you :-) have just sorted a major problem with my map, it was in the grle files, to be specific, as the others are all black, it was the cultivator_density and the the fruit_density grle files. so i now need to reconstruct these from the design weights of the various textures.

it is important that i get this process correct as it will form the foundation of my new blank maps.

i'm off now to find all about grle files the purpose, function and how the are created from png files and their specifications. will update the post if i find anything more to add.


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 14.03.2016 07:06

the GIANTS Editor creates the grle files when you save a map.
It can also load .png files instead, but saving is always in .grle format.

The fruit_density.grle contains information about 'which fruit is planted where'

infoLayer contains the information for the navigation meshes of the animal husbandries.

For all the formats ... just stick to the default and you'll be good :)


Andrew Jones (Unknown) 14.03.2016 14:01
the question relates to what actually are the default formats?

also ensure that you have deleted the cache files when you delete the grle files.

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