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Created06.03.2016 23:37

Bjørn Brynildsen (prawler) 06.03.2016 23:42

I need some guidance/help regarding import/export and transformgroups

Exported a mod from a map, and managed to import it into a map......i think

So, after starting up GE, and importing the mod/MixFeeder V2, i now have 4 transformgroups. How do i move all of these 4 at once?

Is it even possibe?

Hope there is a solution....cause moving th all piece by piece and putting it together seems like one a job

Best regards

Phil Good (Unknown) 07.03.2016 01:44
Hey Bjørn!

I'm no expert or anything, but I believe you could just create a new transform group (Create -> Transform Group), select the 4 transform groups that are related to the mod, cut (ctrl + x), and then paste (ctrl + v) them in the transform group you created, and voilà!

One transform group to rule them all.

Let us know if that works out for you or not.

- Steuermann

Bjørn Brynildsen (prawler) 07.03.2016 08:25


Copied all 4 into a new transformgroup.

When i clicked on that TG, it did not mark the whole mixfeeder, but a pig, and a tiptrigger for oat for the pigs...

Strange....i must be missing something here.....


Bjørn Brynildsen (prawler) 07.03.2016 13:46


It did work....

But now its the trouble with the pig/beef trigger or something under the map....its supposed to bee in the middle of the is.....but the pigs/beefs still show up in the original schweinmasts.....

Best regards

Phil Good (Unknown) 07.03.2016 20:02
Hmm, well if it's a matter of simply moving the trigger to where you want it then no worries:

1. Click on the trigger in viewport to select it, or select it by finding it in the scenegraph.
2. Use interactive placement (ctrl + b).
3. Click and HOLD the left mouse button.
4. Move the trigger around on the terrain in the viewport, and release the mouse button to place it.

You can also of course use the transform sphere (the sphere of lines and colored arrows that appear at the origin of an object after selecting it) to move it around, but that is not very efficient.

And also, you can plot in the X, Y, Z of an object manually in the attributes window (Window -> Attributes), but the interactive placement I mentioned in step 2 is the way to go, at least to begin with.

Good luck!

- Steuermann

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