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Error: No vertices to create navigation mesh

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Created08.03.2016 07:34

Thomas Quattro Jr (Unknown) 08.03.2016 07:37
Hi Guys:

Decided to give making my own personal map a try with all the "bells and whistles" i'd like to have in the map. I just finished setting up the dairy, and I watched a few tutorials on how to move the cow zone. When I went to do it, I get an error in giants that says, Error: No vertices to create navigation mesh. I found this blank map online. Its slightly larger than the other standard ones. Unclear what to do or where to go. I even went as far as trying to create another mesh and it gave me the same error. Any help would be appreciated.


Sarah Marich (Unknown) 08.03.2016 16:16
You problem is very easy to solve,just check info layer .grle file,layer must be good size,if is not you can get errors like this,because of resolution problems.I dont know which size is your map,so i cant tell you anything else,but you can find lots of information here on forums,about that,
how to create good resolution for the layers,and which sizes are correct for 1x,2x,4x or any other bigger maps.

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