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Created08.03.2016 20:23

Phil Good (Unknown) 08.03.2016 20:31
Hey guys!

I'm back and once more in need of assistance.

So this time I was trying to install the forestGrass foliage that is found on Bjornholm into a map, of which I sort of succeeded in doing. I used a tutorial I found on FS-UK on installing foliages ( to help point me in the right direction while making some "tweaks" to better fit the foliage in question.

To keep things short, I went through the i3d for Bjornholm and copied over the relevant bits, and of course made sure to alter the fileIds and what not.

And as I mentioned, I sort of succeeded, and by that I mean that the foliage shows up in the GIANTS Edtior, and I'm able to "paint" the terrian with it. The problem however, is that instead of the foliage laying horizontally on the terrian, it appears to be standing vertically (as well as being oversized, which may or may not be related to the whole vertical thing:

Screenshot of the problem:

So, what have I done wrong, any suggestions?

- Steuermann

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 09.03.2016 08:20

eventually you used a wrong "blockShapeId"?


Phil Good (Unknown) 09.03.2016 16:23
It being the wrong blockShapeId was actually one of the first things that occured to me, and why I didn't just try a random Id to being with is beyond me, but I just did, and I can confirm that it is indeed the blockShapeId that appears to be the issue.

However, the problem I had to being with (and part of the reason why I didn't investigate it further) is that in Bjornholms i3d, forestGrass has blockShapeId="42", but I wasn't able to find anything that was related to that, so I have no idea what file/info/whatever it's referring to.

So of course, when I set the blockShapeId to "42" in my map's i3d (Westbridge Hills), it has no idea what I'm talking about, and of course when I open the GIANTS Editor, save, and then check the i3d again, it automatically sets the blockShapeId to "39", being that that is the next unused blockShapeId in the file, and as we've already seen, "39" is not exactly correct either.

So the question now is, in Bjornholms i3d, what is blockShapeId="42" hooked up to?

- Steuermann

P.S. Would just like to say thanks for your patience and help so far in the multiple threads I've made in the last few days Emil, it is much appreciated.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 10.03.2016 07:49

the shapes (actual meshes) are stored in the i3d.shapes file and are referenced by an Id.
So the blockShapeId refers to a shape in this file.

Which one is correct now - I have no idea ;)

Isn't there any other foliage which uses the same Id?

You could however export the blockShape from one map to another by first adding a shape entry into the scenegraph of the map.i3d manually (using a text editor) and afterwards export it as a normal object by using the Giants Editor.
e.g. <Shape shapeId="42" name=".... />


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