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Created22.03.2016 03:34

Torlasco (diego_gg111) 22.03.2016 03:53
I'm making a cultivator, like this one:

As you see, it has a rigid frame, and a two wheels axis. So it doesn't need to be folded and unfolded, but it need to be lowered in order to work.

I'm already making the ingame of the model, but I can't make it to lowered using the "V" key.

So, my question are:
-In order to make the animation of the axis rotating, moved with an hydrauli, for lowering the harrow, I should use "cultivator" or "cultivator_animated" type? (I don't need the folding and unfolding animation)

-The wheels axis should be part of the frame as a child of shoul be a child of the main collision (like the frame)

-In moving parts, in the part of an hydraulic(normaly in the cultivators in the default machines) what indicates the "referenceFrame" atribute?

- For the discs, in the <speedRotatingParts> part, what means the refNodeIndex and the foldMinLimit (and max) attributes?

Thaks a lot!


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 22.03.2016 07:27

"cultivator_animated" offers more possibilities, I would recommend this vehicleType

It doesn't matter anymore where you place the wheels.
Their position can be updated by using "movingTools" and the attribute "wheelIndices"

The "referenceFrame" is needed for a cylinder (or any other part) to be aligned correctly.
The "referencePoint" is used to align the z axis of the object (mostly cylinder).
But that's not enough, because the object can still rotate around its z-axis.
So you need another direction, which is given by the y-axis of the "referenceFrame". This direction indicates how your actual object needs to be rotated around its z-axis.

"refNodeIndex" is a reference to the "groundReferenceNodes".
"foldMinLimit" and "foldMaxLimit" are related to the folding animmation (if present) and used to limit (activate/deactivate) the rotation of the parts accordingt o the current state of the animation


Torlasco (diego_gg111) 22.03.2016 13:53
Thanks a lot for your answer!
Regarding to the animation. In the cultivator_animated, is the folding animation needed?
Because in my case I only need to lowering and lift the harrow. Could I use the "lowering animation" or this need to work with the 3 point hitch? (My cultivator has a trailer low hitch, not a 3 point)

BTW, I'm using the Horsch Tiger 10LT as example, since it has the trailerLow attachment. In this cultivator the animation used is "folding". But the cultivator first unfold, and then you have to lift/lower it. I mean, with the X key it lower the side arms, but with the V key it lower and lift the cultivator. So, my question is, since the animation is the same for all parts (folding), how the game knows that with the X key the model should just lower the side arms, and with the V key it has to lower and lift without folding the arms againg?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 23.03.2016 08:04

right, there is only animation in the "Horsch Tiger 10LT" for folding and lowering.

The attribute "foldMiddleAnimTime" in the "foldingParts" defines which position in the "folding animation" is used as a stop poinit to distinguish between the states.

For your cultivator it is eough to use the following:
<lowerAnimation name="lowerAnimation" speed="1" />
(e.g. in the vogelNootTerraDisc600)
This attribute is loaded by the "Attachable" specialization and is therefore available in any tool which can be attached ;)


Torlasco (diego_gg111) 24.03.2016 06:21

Is it possible that this line is always needed even for the "lowerAnimation"?

<foldingParts startMoveDirection="1" foldMiddleAnimTime="1" >
<foldingPart animationName="lowerAnimation" speedScale="1" />

Because, if I only use this two lines:

<lowerAnimation name="lowerAnimation" speed="1" />

<animation name="lowerAnimation">
<part node="0>0" startTime="0" endTime="2" startRot="0 0 0" endRot="35 0 0"/>

(this last one in animations) the lift and lower animation doesn't works, but if I add the "foldingParts" it works.

The problem whit this is that the lowerAnimation is consider as part folding and part lowering animation.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 29.03.2016 08:07

hmmm, seems like you could be right and and the <foldingParts ...> are actually needed in this case.

So you could get rid of the <lowerAnimation ...> and do everything with the <foldingParts ...>.


Torlasco (diego_gg111) 30.03.2016 01:02
Hello, thanks for you answer.
I could not make it works with the lowering animation, so I added a folding action to the harrow, a hitch, that need to be desconected in order to be able to lowering the cultivator, and then the animation of the lowering. Both as two folding animations, using the foldMiddleAnimTime. It works now :)
The problem that I have now it's with the discs bars. When the cultivator is unfolded, the disc bars center points get aligned to the X axis and they don't keept the angle (the angle of the bars in the harrow)
Is there something that I should take into account about the pivots of the discs? (Like freeze to pivot, freeze tranformation, keeping the pivots on the X axis, what about keeping the angle of work?)

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 30.03.2016 08:26

"freeze to pivot" is absoluely neccessary for any moving/animated objects.

I'm not sure what's going wrong now (a picture might help to understand), but you can use the "movingParts" to align objects. These parts will always be aligned by making their z-axis point to a certain point.


Torlasco (diego_gg111) 04.04.2016 03:16
It works now :)

If you have facebook check it out :)

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 04.04.2016 06:52

nice work, keep it up!


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