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question about all wheel steering (dlc)

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Created25.03.2016 04:40

Alain Lambert (Vespel) 25.03.2016 04:45
Hello dear Giants devs,
my question is,like the title said the all wheels steering.I'm actually doing a Merlo Treemme 350B and it have the all wheels,crab etc,just like the Holmer Terra Variant.So where can i found this script and an example for the .xml because i don't really want to use a FS13 script for my mod.
Thank you for any help provided.

Best regards Alain

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 29.03.2016 08:12

not sure if we will make the script publicly available.
We need to discuss that internally first.

Sorry, for no better news so far.


Alain Lambert (Vespel) 29.03.2016 21:56
thank you for your answer.

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