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Created27.03.2016 20:41

James Cole (Unknown) 27.03.2016 20:42
Hi, is it possible to adjust the grip force of the grapple on the log loader? So it hangs onto logs better...
It seems to wiggle around and they drop out..

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 29.03.2016 08:30

yes you can.

Take a look at the Ponsse Buffalo for example ...

At the very bottom of the xml file you will find a line like this ...

<!-- claw base -->
<joint component1="1" component2="2" ... >

The second line defines a joint which connects two physical objects.

Also the two following lines define joints ...

<joint component1="2" component2="3" index="2>1" ........ >
<joint component1="2" component2="4" index="2>2" ........ >

rotLimitSpring/Damping define a set of forces which influence the behavior of the claw.
By increasing this values you can raise the maximum force applied to the claws.


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